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Microsoft introduced 7 version Windows 10
Microsoft introduced 7 version Windows 10
Microsoft introduced 7 version Windows 10

Microsoft introduced 7 version Windows 10

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Enterprise
Windows 10 Education
Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
Windows 10 IoT Core
  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Windows 10 Mobile
  3. Windows 10 Pro
  4. Windows 10 Enterprise
  5. Windows 10 Education
  6. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  7. Windows 10 IoT Core
Microsoft introduced the Windows 10 version that companies preparing to launch this year. Total: 7 different versions, including Windows 10 Home and Pro are for PCs, including desktops, laptops and 2 in 1. Next is Windows 10 Mobile for smartphone and a small tablet. Microsoft has released several versions for the enterprise with the ability to manage devices and many more security features. Users of Windows 7, Windows 8 is still free update to Windows 10 and you must do so within one year from the date of the official release of the new OS.

Further details of the version of Windows 10:

1) Windows 10 Home is the universal version for PCs, both desktops, tablets and machine 2 in 1. It has the most outstanding feature of Windows 10 as Cortana, Microsoft Edge browser, dedicated mode for induction (Tablet Mode, aka Continuum), System Windows Biometric identification Hello (supports fingerprint and iris scan). Comes under this operating system is available Photos app, Maps, Mail, Calendar, Music, Videos, Xbox Live, and of course there is always the stream features from the Xbox One game on PC.

2) Windows 10 Mobile is what will be spent for smartphones and small tablets (no longer called Windows 10 for Phone as before). It also owns the new universal application similar to Windows 10 Home, in addition to further optimizing the Office for induction. This OS version also add Continuum mode for users to connect their mobile devices in a removable screen, this time the system will be turned into a computer with nearly all features of Windows 10 Home (minus you will not be able to run the app is not written in the form of universal and some other restrictions).

3) Windows 10 for PC Pro remains generally similar to Windows 10 Home, but it has added a number of features designed to suit the needs of small business management. Windows 10 Pro supports IT departments manage the devices and applications in companies, protect sensitive data, remote support and take advantage of some other cloud services of Microsoft. Windows 10 Pro also allows users access to Windows Update for Business, a new feature to help reduce costs and increase the level of control of the updates to the employee's computer company.

4) Windows 10 Enterprise builds on Windows 10 Pro and add what is needed for medium and large enterprises. Mainly the advanced features of the OS lies in the protection of user data in a coherent way, support the early detection of security threats to information, there are many options depending on the implementation of the plan IT department. Enterprise Windows 10 will also be released as Volume Licensing customers who want to buy copyrights for bulk computer.

5) Windows 10 Education is nearly identical to Windows 10 Enterprise but primarily targets the use of educational institutions, for students, teachers and other staff. Users of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Home Pro can upgrade to Windows 10. Education copyright in many different ways to serve the purpose of Bring Your Own Device (an IT strategy in which employees / students to carry machine its not being forced to use equipment spending by schools or companies providing). Windows 10 Education also released as Volume Licensing copyright.

6) Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is designed based on Windows Mobile, but targeting 10 smartphones and tablets in the enterprise environment spending. The difference of this version compared to the common for users is the ability to remotely administer the device, the advanced mode in the eye as well as controlling the update, install the app will more closely. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise also "incorporate security features and the latest innovation when it is released."

7) Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Enterprise version is also available for industrial devices, such as ATMs, retail machines, handheld devices, robotics and automation. Those products are smaller, cheaper devices as gateways or Internet of Things is available in Windows 10 IoT Core.

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