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CloudFlare CDN instruction for website
CloudFlare CDN instruction for website
CloudFlare CDN instruction for website

CloudFlare CDN instruction for website

CloudFlare is a proxy intermediary services
What is CloudFlare ?
CloudFlare is a proxy intermediary services, so you should understand it simple. Means that instead of your website domain name to connect directly to the server via the IP address of the server, then CloudFlare will act to mediate connections, ie each visit must be processed through CloudFlare prior to the server.

In the intermediate proxy, CloudFlare acts as a firewall to protect your website against SPAM, if you use its premium package, it also helps you to detect malicious code and unauthorized access including legal and anti-denial-of-service attack (DDoS).

In addition, CloudFlare also be seen as an intermediate DNS service very good and free CDN (Content Devilery Network) helps your website no matter where servers but it still has very good access speed to the user. And most recently, CloudFlare also allows you to use SSL / HTTPS is free to increase the security of the website.

How to install CloudFlare

To install CloudFlare, you first access the to register a free account.

After registration is complete, it will lead you to more websites on the pages where you enter the domain name to use CloudFlare, enter the domain name and press the Add website.cai-dat-cloudflare-01

Then it will lead you to manage the DNS record page, click on the Edit button and fix the Record A host IP into the IP you are using.
Repaired the dropdown and click "I've added all the missing records, continue" to proceed.

At the next page you will choose to use the service pack, choose Free package offline.

Continue and continue printing the last page, it will give you 2 nameservers, your task is to repair 2 namesever domain to use instead of CloudFlare's nameserver hosting provider.
For example, you use the domain name at Godaddy, you on it and point nameserver on CloudFlare addresses two like this:

CloudFlare is complete, go back to change and press the button ... I've updated my nameservers to complete the installation process. Your job now is to wait CloudFlare detected that your domain name's DNS update them to start using.

Note when using CloudFlare

Every time you want to edit CSS or JavaScript file contents, you should enable Development Mode so it does not cache static files and so you can see the change. This mode will be automatically removed after 3 hours.

Also you should be aware if any switch hosts later, you go to CloudFlare's IP exchange for a new host but do not mess with the correct nameserver of domain names.

The above is a set of CloudFlare, basically, you just make the website that's all you have worked well then. If you want you can go to the settings of each domain name for CloudFlare to revise customizations to optimize speed and security.

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